Hello- Wecome to my blog

“Action is the foundational key to all success.”Pablo Picasso


Hello there, I am finally writing my first blog post on my first blog ever, yeah! Since I am a newbie, I feel It’s only fitting that I do a little introduction. My name is Chisema aka Tsemah, a young Zambian female with a Bachelors degree in Architecture. I love life, Arts and crafts, Adventure, food (triple yes to food), music, movies, the list is endless really. Thing is, i often find that my list of general dislikes is far shorter than that of my infinite likes or preferences.

Why Blog?
Simple answer is to challenge myself to help bring and share the World of Zambian Architecture and Artistry as is, and through my own eyes. More like my own virtual diary full of fun, fresh, informative and practical elements of my everyday environment and also rediscovery of my love for drawing.

Capture      DDD

Here is a short back story. I found every excuse in the book,

“I am busy,”

“maybe after breakfast,”

“next week is better perhaps,”  “not until I get a proper camera,”

For a blog that I’ve been staring at since late last year, I’ve done some insane procrastinating but no more. My final excuse came when I stumbled upon a post done by King called Creating My Queendom.
I am excited and nervous at the same time. Sure I want to get it spot on but here is the thing, I will get it wrong sometimes. Yes, I won’t always get it right but it won’t be due to lack of trying. My biggest mistake would be to not try at all so I can just feel bad about it when the year comes to a close.

Here I Am – Finally Decided To Take the Plunge

Today I begin what I hope and pray will be an enlightening journey into the world of Architecture, Art and my love for DIY projects. Taping into an environment that is experienced by  many but understood by few. Here is to learning and growing.  . Welcome to my blog! Always feel free to leave a comment, like, share and/or critique. Let’s do this 😉




  1. My beau…I couldn’t be a more proud friend…I love blogs…courage to have one…kaya…am just too happy to know you have one..my beau..my Chisema..lets do this 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awww, thanks beau, I’m humbled …Making me blush.
      Let’s do this for real, it’s a bit daunting i’ll admit but you’ll be glad you took the step…


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