DIY Desk Organisers

             “A world which sees art and engineering as divided is not seeing the world as a whole. “                   Professor Sir Edmund Happold


I did these awhile back but thought I should still share. I recently reignited my love for drawing, mostly because I  find it helps me relax, soothes my senses and allows me self expression that transcends words. I have been more consistent now than I have been in a little over four years. Naturally I decided to go back to the basics allowing myself to grow into my passion, myself and adopting elements of art I may have overlooked in my earlier sketches.

What I noticed however is that my drawing tools were in an utter mess. I have never really had any proper way of storing my pencils. For a time I kept all my drawing pencils, coloured pencils, pens etc in one pencil-case. Rather tedious if you have to find the right pencils or pens to use on any given drawing.


I went to YouTube for some D.I.Y. storage ideas and the inspiration was overwhelming. Because I work in an architectural office  and it seems as though we are always printing drawings. I happen to notice how many A1 paper rolls we have and how many of  the cardboard tubes go straight to the trash pile. Then it hit me,  I was like why not recycle the cardboard tubes and come up with something nice yet practical.

I  often find that sketching helps me visualise my ideas. So I did a few sketches and zoomed in on the desk organisers I liked. Unfortunately i was unable to find the sketches to share on the blog but worry not the pictures speak volumes.

With some glue, a ruler, pencil, a cutter, masking tape, paint, paintbrush and the A1 cardboard paper rolls, I  measured, glued, painted and voila. My D.I.Y. desk organisers were ready.



Let’s paint

I felt the cardboard tubes looked dull in their natural colour plus they really didn’t fit into the overall concept of my room so in D.I.Y. spirit  I decided to paint them. To complete my project it I used paint I had leftover from my earlier  projects, that is a deep mint green and a white gloss paint. In all honesty, it was somewhat of a nightmare at first, considering I had already started the best thing was to follow through (remind me never to paint cardboard again or at least do some research before hand, Jeez). With a small paint brush I painted on the 3 coats allowing each coat to dry thoroughly before applying the next coat.

I quite like how it came out seeing as how the first coat of paint had me thrown off. Thanks for reading, feel free to comment like and/or share.

First coat of paint
Second coat of paint
Third and final coat of paint

2015-10-22 18.54.44

2015-10-22 18.55.07

2015-10-22 19.07.54

2015-10-22 19.09.24Simple, recycled and practical.


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