My Illustrations

I love paper. A nice thick pile of it and a pencil, and I’m content. – Cecil Balmond

Hi there,

these are few of the sketches I have been able to do since I started sketching this year. This time around putting in to consideration proportion and developing into my own sketching technique. I usually do my sketches in pairs, the first is were I try out my ideas  then I develope that idea in the second sketch. Like some things I realised that the more I draw the better i get at it. The first sketches of 2015 were literally bad  I tell you (eek!), suprising considering my earlier drawings before the emphasis on standard proportion looked pretty good.

To help me be consistant I challenged myself to do a collection am calling Closet Diares. Basically drawing outfits in my closet, as is or with a little twist but basically inspired by my own cloths. With time I may share that collection. Bear in mind that I AM NOT a fashion designer. I  love to draw and right now fashion illustrations is where I am channeling that love. Thankyou for reading, do feel free to comment,like or/and share.







Thankyou for reading, do feel free to comment,like or/and share.:)




  1. The sketches are awesome, I for one can clearly see the improvement based on some sketch drawings that i have seen you develop in the past.

    Keep up with the positive drive you shall surely attract the right kind of attention.
    Worth putting put on

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