Colour me white – DIY desk makeover

I am always searching for more light and space. – Santiago Calatrava

Hi there,

Let me just start by saying I am in love with my table, it is perfect for me and my little space. I honestly didn’t expect that it would come out looking as good as it does. Safe to say my first DIY of 2016  is a winner. Introducing my desk makeover.

When I just got the table from my uncle (thanks uncle Chisepo) I  put a bunch of stuff on it. It was my work space, vanity, chopping board, 5 min snooze motivator, I literally used it for everything. With time however I got/made other storage pieces which took the pressure from this particular one. Well I simply just cluttered  it with the right kind of tools for this section of the space, I choose to call it organised clutter ;).

Here is the before picture

I love wood in its natural form and colour but once I removed the clutter  the table looked tired, it also had the  effect of making the room feel a little grim. So I decided to give it a new lease of life by painting it a nice white gloss colour. Also, Because it’s the largest piece of furniture I have second from my bed white was perfect  to brighten up the rest of the space.

When I did this DIY, the intention was to share every stage of the painting process through a series of pictures. I managed to take the pictures but unfortunately I lost the folder containing  the photos. If  or  when they miraculously appear, then I will be sure to do a detailed post of how I went about painting the office table.

In my usual DIY style I did a quick sketch just so I could have a mental picture of the end product. I like crisp, clean and cool spaces so for the 3D views I used white  and mint green colours.




Hope you can be inspired to create something new from old furniture or old accent pieces. Dare to be bold, reduce, reuse, recycle . Let me know what your thoughts are , do feel free to comment like or/and share. Thanks for reading :).










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