Vitenge Nivatu

My work is not about “form follows function”, but “form follows beauty” or, even better, “form follows feminine”. – Oscar Niemeyer

Image (18).jpg

Hi there,

A few illustrations inspired by the Vitenge Nivatu fashion show. It was a 3 day fashion event held in the first week of February aimed at showcasing different designs by various upcoming Fashion designers in Zambia.

I almost didn’t post these illustrations because they are elements I like and other I  really do not care for. Even after posting a teaser on my social media pages. I took a good look at the final work and I was like nope, they is no way I am ever posting these on the blog. It  didn’t take long for me to convince myself otherwise, in that moment I remembered that it would defeat the whole purpose of me creating this platform, to learn, grow, share and hopefully inspire someone out there.

Let me know what your thoughts are , do feel free to comment like or/and share. Thanks for reading 🙂.

Image (15)

Image (16)

Image (19)

Image (17)

Image (18)


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