Zambia Fashion Illustrators Challenge

All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. ”
-Pablo Picasso

Hey there loves,

Okay, so my introduction still needs work. With all that I am doing and all I have done since launching the Illustrators Challenge, I have been unable to post my skethes here because of one reason or the other. Nchimy and myself managed to do the challenge which we eneded up posting on our social media pages, on facebook and on instagram.

I will post every challenge done, then do a recap of all the looks  before the year 2017 begins .

Here goes.

#zflchallenge Week two entry
Theme: High Fashion
Inspiration :Glamour girl and the midnight skies

#zflchallenge week two entry
Theme: Street style~ Sunny day out
I had so much fun with this one so much so I was inpired to do a second sketch under the same theme…I love everything about them.
Look One…
Look Two…
Let me know what your thoughts are, do feel free to comment like or/and share. Thanks for reading. Zikomo🙂

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