image A DOSE OF SELF- Wonder

Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.”
-Pablo Picasso

Life is a paradox sometimes, no?

Well it’s more of a rhetorical question but incase you were wondering your answer might be the same as mine. I have been a lot more intentional about the things I want to learn lately. The more I read however, I realise how much;

  • I never knew  and don’t know.
  • I wish I knew/know.
  • I am yet to learn.


Naturally I have a lot more questions than I do answers. I do a lot of random short notes in my phone. Below is one I did awhile ago, it also happens to be the inspiration behind my sketch. I used one of my photos as a concept base, She is duped Wonder .

See life is the best thing that could ever happen to someone. Let me say this again, LIVING is the best thing that could ever happen to someone. Before you go on thinking what is she  on about, I am thankful that I am alive and living. Quiet frankly most of us, myself included don’t half live up to our full potential, we know we can do better but we are too afraid to try. Too afraid of what other people might see or say about us. Worse still they are those of us (code for ME) who have bought into the idea of not seeing better beyond what we already have. Here is my new perspective, even a good thing can be made better, improved and/or spiced up in so many ways I shun to count.

In truth the way we view and see ourselves is the determing factor for so many things to come. Reading is to me like gold, a form of self investment and a sure way to self growth. My specs on the other hand are a way for me to see “life” clearer.

Bear in mind that these are the rumblings of a 20 something year old who woke up at 03:00 O’clock (like many mornings before) to get a snack, sort through some thoughts, read my Bible then hopefuly get some work done.

This is not researched but merely a moment of introspection and as a result of pure observation. As I write I am still in the confort of my bed , lights out and I can hear the subtle but obvious trickling of the rain.

Knowing or having the information isn’t good enough, it’s what you do with it that counts. Adding action to thought and thought to action. Well time for me to get up. Adios

Thanks for reading, enjoy. Zikomo.

Here are a few examples of paradoxes for you;

If every rule has an exception, then there must be an exception to the rule that every rule has an exception.

  1.  The more available something is, the less you will want it
  2. The more choices you have, the less satisfied you are with each one.
  3. The more convinced someone is that they’re right, the less they probably know.
  4. The only certainty is that nothing is ever certain.
  5. The only constant is change.
  6. The more something scares you, the more you should probably do it.
  7. The more you learn, the more you realize how little you know.
  8. The less you care about others, the less you care about yourself.
  9. The more you fail, the more likely you are to succeed.
  10. The more you hate a trait in someone else, the more likely you are avoiding it in yourself.








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